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What Is “Polish & Flow”

This was truly inspired by God in 2018, when I started adding mini skits to my Conferences. On this particular year, I had a couple who performed Samson & Deliah during the conference luncheon, but they lived in Virginia. So we actually rehearsed the entire skit on Zoom. It was not until the day of the event weekend that they got to walk through transitions and positioning. It turned out GREAT!

Then in the Summer of 2019, I started auditioning for my first Stage play, "Who Is My Neighbor?" and incorporated Zoom rehearseals in with live in-person rehearsals and it turned out Great. I called them "Polish & Flow!" This is where groups could be segmented, acts, or individuals could work or areas of their acting such as tone, pacing, flowing for timing, facial expression and more.

Then the Pandemic hit and we continued to use this platform for practices because in-person practices had been put on a halt along with the play production, but it kept us focus and out roles hot!

Then on October 2-3, 2020, we performed it exclusively to the aufience that had already purchased their tickets before the pandemic with the option to attend the Encore in the future.

Well the Encore is coming December 3rd, 2022! Hope you attend. Tickets go on same 9/17/22. See you there!

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